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158.5 Rideau Street

Ottawa, ON

Tel: 613-261-4662

Flybar is an exciting and original concept for Ottawa that features a state of the art venue inspired by high fashion, art, and music.

Ottawa’s quintessential nightspot, fashioned by Ottawa’s most stylish, no matter their background, fuses the appeal of an exclusive lounge within an exquisite high-end night scene. Draped in achromatic inspired design and lavish décor, Flybar sets the stage for the ultimate nightlife experience in the nation’s capital.

Flybar’s voyeuristic VIP area, gives guests a bird’s eye view of Ottawa’s premiere clientele, guests of honor and the beautiful crowd. Flybar features a variety of music format every Friday and Saturday, as well as, art deco inspired VIP areas and service, its full service jet bars and renaissance dance floor, reflects fashion, music and art at its highest peak.

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