The Dreammind Group is a Canadian corporate conglomerate with roots in the hospitality and entertainment industry stretching back 25 years. During the last five (5) years, Dreammind has diversified to include investments and holdings in Real Estate, Construction, Finance, Multi Media, Hair Salons and Spas adding valuable assets to the already numerous nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment divisions.

As the brainchild of Abbis Mahmoud, the Dreammind Group has strived to be the best it can be at every level of operation which allowed the successful growth, year after year, of each division and companies. After years of perfecting processes and building strategies, Dreammind is now employing the best methods and proprietary systems in Operations, Finances and Marketing which in 2015 will allow the Dreammind Group to launch its highly anticipated aggressive expansion plan that will see the Eastern Canadian powerhouse move to the global stage.

As a leader in its respective industries, the Dreammind Group prides itself in providing safe and long lasting employment, opportunity, resources, internships, careers and training for over 400 people of both sexes, all creeds, ethnicities and beliefs.At the very top of the Dreammind Group’s core values are customer experience, satisfaction, safety and respect. Providing each individual with such has guaranteed customer loyalty, business longevity, long term and successful partnerships as well as professional relationships.Due to its unbridled success, the Dreammind Group has been fortunate enough to be honoured to help the ones who cannot help themselves. Ten percent (10%) of all earnings is distributed to charities both at home and abroad that give women and children a chance at life, food, education and clothing.


The Dreammind Group hopes to have one of the first multiational ZERO COST charities in the world by 2016 where every dollar donated is used to benefit the lives of those less fortunate. All these factors have come together along with Abbis Mahmoud and the execu- tive team of Dreammind to create concepts and businesses that are well rounded, successful, respected and most importantly long lasting in today’s economy and world climate. While 80% of the industry is crumbling, the Dreammind Group is at the forefront of its markets, creating new ventures, opportunities and businesses for itself, its employees and its partners.